Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How Shearin Challenges the Individual to Become a Leader

Leadership is a function of all humans. The father is the leader of the family. The wife also shares that role within her own capacity without taking away or destroying the main role granted to the man. The family, in a most fundamental way, leads the way for all members of society. It provides the values and role models that growing children must have in order to sustain the cycle of order and harmony in the community.

In business, the specific form of leadership applied bears general parallelism with the basic principles that govern the family and the community. After all, business cannot exist and operate outside of society. And it is for the benefit and the welfare of the family, ultimately, that business must exist and operate; otherwise, business becomes nothing more than a money-making venture devoid of practical , cultural and spiritual use for humans.

Shearin Group Review  believes in the importance of leadership at all levels of society, much more so within the organization of a company. Yet, it begins with the individual who forms the basic unit of any social or economic structure.

Shearin's Individual Leadership Program aims to fortify the principle that every level of supervisors has the purpose of producing a culture in which people will become aware of what is expected of them.  To achieve this goal, leaders must be effective communicators to those under their supervision, allowing them to participate in the decision-making process and leading them to take responsibility for the tasks entrusted to them.

This, then, is the overarching principle in Shearin's leadership training program: Productivity can only be achieved when everyone shares the responsibility and accountability of the required work and the common goals set for the team.  Without this challenge ever put in front of every person in the firm, the whole organization will not function as completely as it should.  There will always be setbacks and obstacles that will drag down progress of the company, as there are external factors that we all cannot control. However, when the risks and opportunities are recognized beforehand by the team, the whole organization can learn to adapt and still function through difficult times without any major hindrance.  When the leadership is strong at all levels, there is not a crisis or problem that cannot be properly handled and resolved.

Achieving a person's highest potential involves allowing each participant to have hands-on training in realistic situations tha twill measure their capacity to withstand the rigors of leadership as well as the nuances of cooperating with others.

The program intends to attain the following goals:

- Improve profitability and results
- Inspire people and to develop workers' overall satisfaction
- Enhance cooperation among workers
- Increase levels of achievement of goals
- Reduce conflict, undisciplined behavior and crisis management
- Be counted among the over 2500 supervisors who have completed the program in the last 16 years!

Shearin has shown the way to accomplish the challenging task of improving individuals that they may attain their full potential and find satisfaction on a daily basis until they reach a ripe old age. This is not an impossible task and it is an ideal that is worth achieving for everyone who is given that opportunity.

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